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Milk Powder 60% 1 kilo

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Milk Powder 60% 1 kilo

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Milk Powder

Substitute for breast milk powder, excellent quality for young lambs and goats.

(containing 60% fat milk minimum)

Dissolve 180-190 g milk powder in one liter of warm water (45 degrees Celsius) gradually forming the beginning chilo and gradually adding water while stirring until complete dissolution of dust.

Composition: baby milk powder products and milk whey, casein, vegetable fat, soya protein concentrate

Protein 22%, Fat 22%, Ash 7.5%, cellulose 0.1%, Moisture 3.5%, Carbs 43%, Calcium 1%, Sodium 0.6%, Phosphorus 0.8%

Additional per kilo


E672 Vitamin A 40.000 IU

E671 Vitamin D3 8.000 IU


E1 Fe iron sulfate 100mg

E3 Co cobalt sulfate 0.15mg

E5 Mn manganese sulfate 40mg

E6 Zn Zinc sulfate 100mg

E8 Na Sodium selenite 0.25mg

Weight 1 kilo

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